“Plastic-Less Planet” HKCEC Graphics and Video Creative Design Competition 2019 “Plastic-Less Planet” HKCEC Graphics and Video Creative Design Competition 2019

Think Before Plastic

Think Before Plastic logo

HML's "Think Before Plastic" campaign

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (“HML”) is committed to sustainability and strives to push forward a more sustainable event industry. A "Think Before Plastic" campaign was launched on 1 July 2018, with a series of new measures being rolled out to reduce plastic usage at the HKCEC.



Cut out the usage of over 1,600,000 disposable plastic cultery items


Actions taken

  • Replaced plastic disposable cultery with non-plastic alternatives at all HKCEC restaurant outlets and concession stands
  • No plastic straws will be provided, paper straws available upon request
  • No selling of plastic bottled beverages from all vending machines inside HKCEC
  • Free water fountains available at HKCEC
  • Meal discount for contractors who choose to dine-in instead of ordering take away
  • Partnered with Vitasoy to introduce Hong Kong's first distilled water carboy vending machine


What's next

Continue to source non-disposable plastic alternatives for other items (e.g. meal boxes and cup lids)


Campaign video

Think Before Plastic campaign (Video only)