Entry Specifications

  • Students will create a comic story in 4 frames, based on the theme “HKCEC Heroes behind-the-scenes”.
  • Please draw the work vertically on a white A3-size paper (29.7 cm x 42 cm). 
  • The size of the 4 frames can be non-identical, depending on the style of drawing.
  • Please write numbers 1 to 4 in or beside each frame to indicate the order of the story.
  • Students may include simple Chinese or English wordings based on their story design.
  • There is no format or colour restriction for the work. Drawings by hand, computer, or any other means are accepted.
  • Full name and school name of the participant should be written at the back of the entry clearly.



  • Each participating student shall submit one entry only and the submission must be sent to HML via schools.
  • All designs must be original. Plagiarism is prohibited. 
  • All entries will not be returned. HML has the copyright of all entries and the right to make revisions on the design for publicity, promotion and production purposes. 
  • HML may request awardees to make revisions or further develop their designs in the future.
  • Personal data collected will only be used for contact purpose of the competition, and will not be used for direct marketing or other unrelated purposes. 
  • Decision by the panel of judges is final.